Space to Voice with Heather

Interview with JC Wayne-Artist and Creativity Guide

Episode Summary

The Art of the Mistake: Liberating Our Voices of Creativity JC Wayne returns to Space to Voice with Heather. JC is a poet, visual artist, mentor, author, cartographer of the unseen, and founder of The Poartry Project. JC shares examples from her experiences of times when she made a ‘mistake’ in her creative work and how that has helped in liberating her voice of creativity. Learn about tips and techniques to help in liberating your voice of creativity and in gaining confidence in sharing your creative voice in the world.

Episode Notes

-JC facilitates a meditation to help lives with sharing their voices of creativity. 

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Music Credit: "New Home" by Andrew Odd. "New Home" is used in the meditation section of the podcast.  Thank you.

Music Credit: Thank you to Scott Holmes Music, "Storybook" for the music used in the opening and closing portions of the episode.